Ins. Editor Assign And Play Idea!

In the Instrument tables for each instrument i have 16 samples slot.
In the Instruments Editor i Assign one sample to the Keyboard with the mouse button or “Left” or “Right”!


  1. Select sample 00
  2. Press “Left” or “Right” mouse button over the key and show 0
  3. Select sample 01
  4. Press “Left” or “Right” mouse button over another key and show 1
    Ecc. Ecc.

My idea is to assign a sample over the key only with the “Right” mouse button and play the corrispondent sample with the “Left” mouse button.

Please Implement this for 1.5 final Version!

Thank’s :)


A good idea, no question about it…

Also ‘left click’ could play the note and ‘control+click’ would assign the selected sample(just an alternative way to do the same thing).

For creative mapping auto assigning of samples by playing the keyboard with the selected sample could be usefull.

For midi users this would be neat, select a sample and hit a key on the midi-keyboard to assign the selected sample to that key.

I Agree!!! :)

I don’t think it will make it for the 1.5 final, the new features has been halted. But it could probably make it for 1.6…