Insanity Movie Reviews #1

Time for my very first movie review. Please don’t ban me. :panic:
Movie review #1:

The book was almost enjoyable. As a result, I came expecting something almost enjoyable.
I didn’t get what I expected.
The “Edward” actor doesn’t work. He doesn’t look amazing, like he apparently did in the book.
But you have to admit, the special effects are pretty cool. They aren’t an eyesore, and they make up.
But not enough.
Let’s not forget the reason it gets knocked, and the reason I knock it. How can we not forget it, us being a music site?
The music.
What this movie needed was an epic orchestral soundtrack, and I’m sorry, but guitar solos simply don’t do it.
What am I forgetting… Oh yeah! The plot!
I guess I’m not allowed to knock it for not being realistic, but I prefer lots of action, and this movie provides only a little near the end.

FINAL SCORES (out of ten):

Visual Effects:
The best aspect of the movie only gets a 6/10.

Relevance to book:
A lot of stuff that should happen in New Moon happens in Twilight. New moon must be pretty uninteresting.

Ugh. I’d better stop talking about it before I vomit.

Average calculated. Many of you wish it was lower.