Insert And Backspace

I have a question regarding a single track with multple note-rows: Why is it that backspace and insert move a complete row of notes, and not just the single note row I currently have the cursor in?
Is there a special key for this? And if so, why not change the default behaviour to this, and use a complete row-move as a ‘special function’. I find myself using the single-row function more frequently.

Edit -> Preferences -> Keys -> Pattern editor -> Insert / delete
All answers on your questions are there.

There’s much more usefull stuff in that screen!

This got me thinking. Every time I want to move a note down I do it by inserting a line above it and the deleting a line beneath it, and vice versa for moving a note up. I think this is the only way.

Wouldnt it be nice to have keyboard shortcuts for moving the note at the currently selected line up or down, without affecting the rest of the track (except if you move the note over another note in which case this note of course should be deleted). This way you could just move to the note and then press for example ctrl-down, to move it.