Insert Fx Sample Commands Should Be Moved

just noticed this small thing

my almost famous screenshots will make it clear what im talking about

It does not make complete clear;
-You want to move the Fx commands to the DSP effects rack?
-Or you want the context menu popup to the left side of its parent menu?

The latter case only happens if the dialog would fall outside your desktop’s area.

well i would like them to be moved so each "menu"is where the arrow shows,or something like that.

maybe even let the sample-commands pop up,go up instead of that long to the right,hope you know what i mean.

or even maybe narrow the sample-commands/global commands bow down so the pop-up comes closer


just a little humble christmas bump

hope someone knows what i mean

My extremely little ‘beef’ with the insert window right now isn’t that it obscures underlying sliders/buttons, but feel it could be quicker in selecting what you want, have a better lay-out (besides being more functional, requested here: ).

At the moment you have to click the arrow, than choose the type of command and than what you want inserted.

If the type of command i[/i] could be made permanently visible, like the advanced editor through expanding it, you’d only have to select what command you want inserted.

I made a quick sketch in that other thread for a drop-down window, but hope you get the picture:

ahhh yeah so its actually become a pop-DOWN menu :D

like it