Insert Interlaced Steps

I tend to have a bit of a problem with writing in Renoise. Whenever I start a pattern, I write in quite a lot of it, then suddenly realise for some of the detail I could do with the steps being either twice or four times as often.

Is there any chance that a feature could be added to insert an interlaced step every other step in a pattern - so, say a 80 bpm pattern could have this insert interlaced step feature applied to it, and be played back at 160bpm would play the same pattern, but with more scope for fiddling with it.

Any takers? A feature such as this would make me very, very happy!

I don’t really know if I get you properly, but you can extend pattern length by expanding them in the advanced editor in the right of the pattern editor (needs to be collapsed first before you can see it)

“Expand - Expands the checked content within the select section, i.e. doubles the lines. It does not double the patternlength however! you have to do this prior to executing this command if you want this!”

Read about the advanced editor here:

Fantastic. Thank you. As you can probably tell, I’m not really one for reading the manual. Maybe I should…