Insert lines in multiple tracks at once


In editing mode I can hit the Ins key to insert a new line in the track (it pushes the rest of the track downward), but sometimes I need to paste a block that spans multiple track and I need to make rooms otherwise it would be destructive . How to do that ?
And I have same problem for line deletion : how do I delete say the first line of a multi track pattern ?

You can use the mouse for multiple selection. With the mouse:

  1. Select everything you want.
  2. Drag the selection by pressing and holding.

With mouse and key commands:

  1. Mouse. Select everything you want by pressing and holding; a entire line.
  2. Key command [SHIFT DEL]. Delete all the selection.

You can combine the mouse with the keyboard commands for these kinds of operations.

Hello Raul,

Thanks for your reply !

Your answer for inserting is my actual workflow and i find it not that good. I was hopping something like press SHIFT INS and the whole pattern is pushed downward (destructively for what was written at the bottom).

For deleting, it does the half the trick, you still have to push the whole pattern upward with mouse or use BACKSPACE the same amount of time on each track.

Thanks for your response anyway :slight_smile:

@jrm Ok! Go to Preferences/Keys/Pattern Editor: “Insert/Delete” and assign:

  • Insert New Row in Pattern: [SHIFT INS]
  • Delete Current Row in Pattern: [SHIFT BACK]

This is it ! Thanks :slight_smile:

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