Insert Lpb Change

Not sure how this would work entirely.
A simple example would be:



lets say you have this 8 beat loop, but you wanted to write rhythms in the 16ths just for a bar.
What i’m suggesting is a tool that puts the LPB to 8, but also stretches out the loop so that it fits into 16 without changing.
Like this, same pattern, higher definition.
LPB - 8



Of course, one could just render selection to sample and sync…but wheres the control in that ;)
does this already exist maybe???

This auto converting /lbp insertion of pattern selection could be something for advanced editors ‘expand’ options. I’d use it! +1

If you need this extra resolution in your song for 16th notes, then why not just set things up to work that way in the first place? Set your song to 8 LPB, then use advanced edit to expand all the patterns in your song, and finally adjust the beatsync values of any loops. It’s gonna sound exactly the same anyway, so what’s the difference? Creating a new feature just to perform this weird trick seems kinda silly.

Edit: Just to be sure I understood you correctly… do you want some kind of new pattern command that could be triggered on the fly, to set the LPB and automatically adjusting the beatsync’d samples? Or are you talking about something more along the lines of a tool for the advanced edit section, where it would be something you use once in a while, but not in realtime?

Can be done but it’s not the neatest way possible.

Write your pattern, work out the length of the section you want to expand and program in double-time. Insert however many lines that is at the end of that section (personally I feel the Expand function should automatically increase the size of the pattern in the relevant area but guess it gets funny then if you were only turning a single track into half-time.)

Highlight that section across every track in the pattern. Click Expand in Advanced Edit.

Tutorials and Wiki are both still down and I can’t off the top of my head remember the pattern effect command for setting LPB.

Alternatively you could use delay or repeat commands. May need to use a second column in the track but this should be a problem.

EDIT: I also missed the keeping loop thing in time. Overall I would say keep the whole song in maximum resolution you need and do what dblue recommends and expand the whole song.

Ahh, well, i didn’t know about the expand/shrink edit tools. Very useful.
With these tools you can do exactly as i said. It just requires a little more thought and editing…
Am i basically re-requesting pattern zoom?

Ahh! I thought you already knew about those tools and were instead asking for something a bit more complex and weird.

I suppose it could be nice if there was some kind of dedicated global song expand/shrink function. In addition to changing the patterns, it would also change the LPB setting, as well as automatically adjusting any beatsync amounts so that everything sounded the same, and perhaps even adjusting certain DSP device parameters like delay lengths? There would of course be some limitations involved, since we have limits on pattern length, LPB, beatsync amount, etc. You might encounter a situation where you attempt to expand/shrink your song too much, and then things would kinda break down at that point.

Hmm… anyway… would be useful I reckon!

would be a nightmare to implement too i imagine.
One can only dream anyway.
Cheers Dblue