Insert Mark Command

Why is it I always come up with an Idea just after a stable release comes out???

Anyway this really stems from the need to tie the automation envelopes in with the vertical pattern sequencer.

I often insert a non existant command in the effects column as a reference point to get my bearings. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a pattern effect command that was then visible as a marker across all automation envelopes? MAybe just a little thin line with a tooltip that tells you which track the marker is in?
This would be lovely too if you had a way to jump between marks in a song

I thought of this after longing for a vertical automation envelope/vertical audio tracks which have been discussed before. Not everyone wants these though.

I like the idea, but for most of my needs simply remembering the line nr in the pattern editor is sufficient to work from in the automation editor.

Me too, but I’m often cut off in the middle of tracking/loose my train of thought messing with some parameter or other. The idea is that you could quickly make reference points once that could easily be revisited later. For me the most useful outcome (just in terms of how often I would use it) would be for coordinating effect sweeps to begin/end/reach a certain point as certain points in certain samples were reached.
Lets say that on track one a reverse delay is going to peak at T0 while on another track/s a sample will begin at T-2 while a filter sweep peaks at T+1. All the while I wanted surround width on a bunch of tracks to shift. But wait! I’ve forgotten what I’m doing because the resonance on that filter is off and I want to tie it in with another event on track 3. But within that trap lies a door, and through that door lies an egg looking satisfied smoking a cigarette, sitting in bed next to a less satisfied and tetchy chicken . This puzzles me… until I remember that the egg came first, and also metaphorically represented something I wanted to do in my track, though the egg in itself is no longer a suitable metaphor for the spatio-temporal event I had planned. This is where I realise that all I ever wanted was a little line with a tooltip to tell me exactly what to do.