Insert Sample/Send Track AT Block

Feature Suggestion:

Insert Sample Track or Send Track AT Block instead of at end.


Bassdrum Snare Hi-Hat
— 00 … 0000 | — 00 … 0000 | — 00 … 0000

Bassdrum NewTrack Snare Hi-Hat
— 00 … 0000 | — 00 … 0000 | — 00 … 0000 | ---- 00 … 0000

This will allow the module to grow more dynamically.


And / or let us reposition tracks left and right as we please.

Excellent idea.


Yes that would be nice, as would split track and merge tracks…And not just merge tracks next to each other but track that are apart :)

This could be done by letting us select more then one block at once…

But when you reposition tracks what should happen to the DSP effects?

If you reposition a track should all tracks on all patterns be repositioned then? Or should only the track on that pattern? Or maybe you should be able to choose?

All tracks in all patterns should be swaped, together with all dsp’s and all other track properties.