ReNoise lets us insert new rows in a track (Ins) and in a track column (LShift + LCtrl + Ins), but it does not allow to insert a row in an entire pattern.

I miss this one sooooo much!

Please add this, even with no default shortcut assigned!

Hmmz… i usually select the whole range i want to move, add a pattern-row and then drag the selection one row down.
It’s a bit of a hassle, but seems currently the only solution.

well that’s a nice one.

I do this way instead:
I add a row to the pattern, and then sistematically add a row per each track with the INS key.

Both ways are really a pain if you need to increase the resolution locally by demultiplying some rows.

It-Alien, I’m hearing ya!

This would be a very important feature for me too! In Impulse tracker I could just hold down shift when pressing insert and it would add one row to the whole pattern! Very useful when creating funky rhytyms ect.

And I’m also wondering why the “insert track” command inserts the new track on the left side of of the current track?! What’s the the logic in that? I have to drag the new track every time to the right side, because that’s the only way to have a logical continuous order of tracks in my song.

this has been already implemented!

You just have to assign it to the shortcut you like:
select “patterneditor” in the dropdown box->
choose “InsertNewRowInPattern”->
make your choice

I have this configured as SHIFT+INS, as it was on Ft2.


Thank you very much!!

I have to add this:

I can’t tell you how glad I am about Renoise! I’m finally making music again and loving it! All the fun was out from music making when I tried to use all those fancy “pro” sequencers with crappy workflows and crashing issues! Renoise is a dream come true for me, and the program keeps getting better and better all the time! And this forum is great too, always very friendly and helpful people posting, that’s rare nowadays in the web! Thank you so much! :wub: