Inspiration Dead

I dunno, if it is the fact that playing loud music is not possible in my new flat or just the stress that I have. I did not get any good track since a loong time. So, how do you guys get over a “black hole” of inspiration. I need to make a song very soon but after listening to the first 3 patterns again, I delete everything because that’s not what I want to do.

That’s so insane. I have a bunch of ideas but when I realiize them and listen to the songs - 5 minutes later I think this piece sucks…

Thats so disgusting. :(

Sometimes I tend to lose focus of what I really want to do… I simply forget the feeling that I like in a track. So maybe this is happening to you too? It helps me a bit to listen to old tracks I’m happy whith, and try to figure out why I’m happy with 'em. What makes a good track for me. And some other times it helps to take a break. Boredom can be a good source of inspiration.

I read somewhere that for every published page, the author William Gibson puts 100 in the trash.

There are a few methods you can apply to this situation:

  1. Technique

Learn VST’s in and out. Create new sounds. Learn Renoise better like shortcuts by going to the manual page. But try not to start Renoise to make a song because that will block it again. Only when by accident you come up with a great sound and it triggers the mood ofcourse…

  1. Fall in love…

  2. Get laid… and then right after that make music! :D

actually i think that better method is an opposite… get your heart broken

But first, you have to cuddle. :rolleyes:

But yes, a positive enviroment helps quite a bit. I’d lost my inspiration for years, but kept fiddling with techniques, played with VSTs, learned things evolving music creation, but didn’t really bother about making my own music. That just happened after a while. And now, whenever I sit down with Renoise, a new idea comes to my head.

You should ask yourself WHY your brilliant ideas turn to shit, could it be:

  1. “The melody in my head just won’t sound like it should in my headset!!”
  • Practice notation + chords, get a keyboard if you don’t have one. This helped me big time as I heard music in my mind but never got it out as it was supposed to be.
  1. “The sounds are not what I want!!”
  • Organize your sample archive, learn how to use your VST’s + FX, make NEW samples!


Also, you can study musical structures, practice various forms of beats, fiddle with FX/mastering/mixing, try your hands at dj’ing etc etc etc… As a producer you should know plenty aspects around your tools; Meaning the software AND some musical theory. Music is fun, but also hard work if you want to make something worthwhile…

Oh, and if you’re not working out, go for a run! Endorphins are the best drug for composing music ever! :walkman:

I’d say two things:

  1. Move house.

  2. There are a whole bucket load of emotional, mental and causal issues unresolved in you. After you take Sagosen’s suggested run, ask yourself what the real core problem is. Face it. Find a solution that involves you making an effort to overcome it, and not run and hide with girls, drugs or distractions. You’ll find this quite hard, perhaps taking months or years to slog through it, but in the end it is worth it because you’ll arrive at the end with a mission. A man on a mission is unstoppable.

Go on a three day ibogain and then write some music on your experiences when you come off it…

Not something I’ve tried myself, but I have got the ingredients for an ayahuasca brew at home me and my housemate have been talking about doing for a while.

(Part of me thinks I shouldn’t be talking about this here, although I believe neither are technically illega {at least in the UK})

Not that I would ever condone taking mind altering substances for recreational purposes of course :D

Do a coop with someone.

I’m up for one if you would like to do something!

That’s a bunch of good advises. I preferred the “get laid” and the coop-thing. Moving to another house is currently not possible because the time, when programmers earned a lot of money is over…

I guess, first of all I need to buy really good headphones (as mentioned in another thread)

Programming VSTi’s is a good Idea, I thing especially Vanguard has a lot of potential.

Concerning the keyboard: I DO have one Casio CTK-691 with dynamic keys and midi but my new Soundcard does not have a gameport and so I cannot connect my old midi-cable to it. I guess, I’ll have to buy an USB-Midi-Hub…

@Sagosen: “Go out for a run” - Are you serious? I want to make music and not kill myself - I smoke to much and so my lungs will explode ;)

Thanks anyway for the good advises.

With coop seems a good idea to me. I’ll post my ICQ-ID, when I am back at home :)

this topic has been discussed several times.

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Luckily I also do graphics, so whenever I am dry on ideas musicalwise I just get my pencils, borrow a digicam from someone and fire up photoshop. :P

also, grabbing 20 bucks, going to some backyardsale/secondhandshop and buying some 1€-Records helps alot. Or go to your library and check their collection of old obscure vinyls. Or CDs if you need.

and for another idea, make remixes. It helps me very often to get a finished piece of music and bend it my way. there are always remix-compos going on on the internet, if you are lucky you might even get your track on vinyl. :D

Lot’s of good suggestions in this thread!

I think anything that benefits your health or mind would be helpful for inspiration. Here are some more ideas:

  • This was mentioned already but going back and listening to music you loved (made by yourself or others) but have not heard in a long time is very inspiring.

  • See a good movie (old or new, doesn’t matter as long as it’s good).

  • Have some good food (make it yourself or go out somewhere).

  • Sagosen’s exercise suggestion was very good too!

Sonicade :walkman:

and most important, if you feel that you have no inspiration, nothing comes out that you like etc… then just dont write music… Do some oher stuff for a week or two. Dont touch renoise at all. And then when you come back you will feel inspiration floating everythere :)

whenever i loose my inspiration i take a break from composing… maybe listen to someone elses music.

like this piece of crap. my band jamming blues that is B) (it’s a rock band)

Phil Dangerous - Jamming

thought it was a little funny :D

So Mr. Fish, did you find some inspiration yet?

Well… Actually not…

Blank Space in Brain…

did you take a break from composing?

ok, i have another one: Dont be afraid of using samples! Dont try to use only/mostly high quality vst instruments. Basically… dont be concerned about sound quality, especially on early stages. Just use/grab what you can find and what sounds interesting, even if its garbage sound quality wise… And EVEN if upon finishing and mixing/mastering that track wount have good enough quality sound for release, at least you will have your creativity back

This is absolutely true! I don’t know how many times I’ve left a song undone because I couldn’t find a snare drum that sounded just the way I wanted… Back when I first started tracking I didn’t care about stuff like that. I would use whatever samples I had and I honestly think those songs became more interesting.

So… what to do… I had an idea that people could compile sample packs and make them available here for use when inspiration fails. The limitation of a sample pack like in a compo can often have a positive impact on your creativity.

Creativity is really seeing what you can do with given odds rather than imagining what you could do if the world just was perfect for you.