Inspiration Tips!!

Greetings All,
So I have a four day Geekend - with the view to finishing off some unfinished tracks and writing two new ones.

I have taken some of my favourite movie samples as a basis, made a note of a rough track outline - and noted down some pattern fx I want to incorporate into the tune…

Not Happening.

Now, I know often when you want to be inspired it does not happen, but it get me wondering - what gets YOU inspired to write music? - and when that ‘brick wall’ hits - how do you get over it?
Do you compose certain tracks / ideas first?
Enlighten yourself through Guru Meditation / Substance X / Quart of Rum?
Sit down and mash it out until the goodness starts to flow?

Or something else?

Hit me with those tips!


my good dr, as your attorney i advise you to…


@The Good Dr: substance x, yes, sitting down + mashing out, yes, getting frustrated and not being able to come up with anything good, yes, half a year worth of efforts before you finally come up with something that gets you going and makes you enthusiastic, yes.

i find the best inspiration is to just ignore thoughts of inspiration or whatever, and just live your life in a way that you are open to new possibilites and experiences, and experience and do those, and you will end up with new energy and that is what can make the music.

Think melody first. Record the first good one you think of. Build the song out backwards from the melody.

Im just fascinating with brain. When i clean my house with cleaner, its very noisy. But I always get with whole set of new sometimes complicated melodies.

I thought why is that? That cleaner is so f*** noisy i shouldnt be able to figure out any melodies. Then i thought its constant frequency. Make something like this:

Put some beat and try to whistle or hum some melody.

After that take some choirs, string pad, just something that go in some melody loop, and press for example C4, and whistle whith it for moment or humm. Then hold it down and try to make melody.

You will notice its whole lot easier. Its seems like brain tuned in, and starting to make total new melodies, its like perfect tuner but most time it need starter.

Good method is also jam while listening your favorite track, theres 99% chance that you will get total new melody from it. It works simlar too 1 note tune, but here its more pleasant for you, for your brain, it like to create melody along with this track. Threat your brain like selfthinking super music computer ;)

Warning lots of my bad thinking here optional reading this section:) :

I came with teory that when you play some note with constant freq its starts to analize this freq, and others freqs aswell. I think its becouse memory. Theres lots of sounds out there, and voice of other people is one of them. When some1 learns to talk, his brain needs to pay attention, and analize lots of input data:).

But after that, brain just use memory, and it gets ready. If you want to say word starting on “a” it needs to access a word section to get ready, and it makes ready many of “a-word” words :). But it is analizing your last words and ready only words that make sense. Other words makes you WTF? Like “I drink my copy cup” - it will make you “I dont understand!”

Same is with music its language and we learn it by listening lot of it or playing, so brain just knows what will be next, its loaded all possibilities based on last heared note.

And when you play off note brain tells you: WTF? I didnt see thats coming? You know that from music, its so called tension often use on purpose to make brain with lot of wtfs to take its attention.

One more tip.

If nothing makes good turn on reaper, make your few projects into samples by render section and put them up in reaper. It allow you to put many nice motives from other projects into one. Dont worry about tempo if its not much difference reaper makes rates good. Reanoise is great for making things, but reaper is great in putting things up.

Listen to other music.

Even though we all do that anyway.

+1 Simonius
If your place is chaotic like mine, clean your desk and your room, I always work better when “everything is in it’s right place”

To be fair with our favorite DAW:P you can do pretty the same in second renoise, with same or even better effect ;) I just was mad when found Reaper can rewire itself ;p and renoise cant:P but now im cool with it. But such xrns is usless for public cuz its all samples but created in renoise before.

I would say listen to completely different music than the one you create.
Listen to japanese folk, african rock, choir music, whatever.

Take a walk. Don’t stay the whole day at home looking at the screen (unless you are “in the zone”).

Nice to see what here comes together.
For me the tip with listening other music dont work and other things that i need to be “active”.

Because my physis and psyche i now learn to be “inactive” and this is really difficult.
I have noticed that this help also with the way i make music.

Enough sleeping, Zazen and subtle kundalini yoga is that helps me. :)

Do a fuckin shitload of drugs :drummer: :panic: :yeah:

hell yeah :drummer: :drummer: :drummer:

in my case just smoke weed, thats pretty much all it takes. hard to get going when i dont though : /

I suggest that you listen to something you normally wouldn’t, or something that sounds nothing like the music you are making.
That’s what a lot of people do anyway.

These tracks are very similar, but at the same time they’re not.

Get on your bike and start cycling. Try knitting. Keep a recording device of some sort on your bedside table. Don’t masturbate. Dont start with C-400 !!!
Start with drums if you normally start with a musical part or vice versa. Set pattern lenght to, like, a million, Use the tap tempo tool and JAMMM. Now copy and paste… ONCE AND ONCE ALONE! Now harmonise!

How does this help? Or is it some kind of metaphor for staying focused?

I can tell you, even though I won’t tell you how I know ;)

  1. It’s a commitment, a pretty serious one. If one wants to achieve anything in life and rise above the 99% of the population who does very little with their lives, you have act a little differently than the rest of the population :)

  2. You will show yourself you are disciplined and have more faith in yourself to do amazing things(extension on above point).

  3. You will have more energy as the male body shuts down to re-create sperm after ejaculating. Any boxer or top athlete will tell you the worst thing you can do is ejaculate before a big(or any)match or game.

  4. Taoists say sperm is life force(which makes sense as it creats life) so take care not to ejaculate too frequently as it can lead all sorts of un-wellness. Instead, harness the sexual energy for love and creativity.

  5. Napoleon Hill, a man who studied 500 millionaires(back in the early 20th century) found that one of the biggest causes of failure is an uncontrolled sex drive. And conversely found that one the biggest causes of success was proper channeling of sexual energy.

  6. I know someone very well who can vouch for this, but m not saying who B)

  7. Obviously this is not the only way to acheive amazing success in forging character :)

funny, i’ve been thinking about this the past year as well. i never knew for sure if there was a scientific idea of energy-loss through ejaculation, but i had a non-scientific theory ready (which is quite obviously that as everything is energy, releasing stuff out of your body, and on top of that using a lot of muscles, will drain energy away that could otherwise be utilized for music-making). also, masturbation often makes me feel worse, not better.
however, when ejaculating outside of masturbation, i will often be filled with an enormous vigour and happiness and creativity. the same goes for after a workout, which i will loosely parallel with the musclestrain from masturbation/sex, albeit shorter.

following from that, could it be said that good sex is better than masturbation, when it comes to being creative?

Absolutely! Esp w/ someone you care about. If you want to go a little deeper(no pun intended!)masturbation or even sex itself is not harmful to your creativity. Its the ejaculation…but wait a min? How can I…?

Yes, I know…here’s the kicker…ejaculation and orgasm are 2 separate things.

You can perform the above w/o ejaculating and still experience orgasm. Tricky yes, but it is done. Then, the converse occurs, masturbation and sex would give you more energy :)

ps…mind you, even though ejaculating after sex is usually not as “harmful” as after masturbation, same rules apply if you have a big match, fight, test, event…all athletes and top performers are aware of this :)

If at desired to explore these concepts further, check out: The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know

It works…how I know is classified B)

ps: Ejaculation from any method ,however, is a no-no before any fight, match, big test etc…all top athletes and top performers know this :)

tantra (and the like), though terrific in theory, always seemed like a pretty difficult thing to pull off in practice; but i’ll check out the book.

so much for hijacking a threat to talk about spiritual love-techniques. let’s give up the damn excuses already and start a community help forum for Renoisers with sexual problems; ‘if she does not swallow she won’t get pregnant’.