Inspiration Tips!!

Agreed, takes time…a matter of how much u want to master the techniques, not for everybody…

:lol: :lol: :lol: !!! I thought everybody knew that!!!+1!!

ps: Back on topic: If you want to get those Renoise juices flowing( :lol:), it helps to conserve some of yours!! :P

cool, but how else are you going to let those “renoise juices” flow??

As I believe u are actually refering to the other juices…obviously a girlfriend or partner can help in this regard or for those less confident to rely on others(maybe during single life) occasional plumbing…as all things in moderation so says the buddha. :)

I would add that if you are in a relationship your sex/love life WILL improve if you avoid pornography when you masturbate, also this requires an element of creativity/imagination on your part. Ejaculation during sex, specifically sex with full body contact, cuddling etc activates a dopamine reward feedback that you will not get without the presence of a partner; sex also requires more activity than does masturbation and everyone knows exercise is great for your head. Sperm contains many rarer trace elements like selenium in addition to quite a large amount of protein, electrolytes and sugars that are needed by other high energy tissues (brain). It isn’t a medium you can simply secrete like saliva; spermatazoa need to differentiate and mature in their billions, sometimes in a short space of time.

To really appreciate what is required for sperm I reccomend anyone to look at their own under a microscope… It will actually blow your mind!

Don’t masturbate for a week and eat brazil nuts maybe some apricots, a bit of smoked salmon (these are just the high energy foods I like)… Sit down and see the difference. Try It!
I have to study for exams at the moment, and also get back into renoising/jamming. It’s only coming out for the girlfriend!

Here’s a project for you…
Make a really sexy song:

some guidance: Prince, Tricky: Maxin Quaye, Massive attack, Stina Nordenstam… and for some strange reason, Cylob he has a great song called “I want to see you naked” with an absolutely beatiful movement at the start, almost made me cry,. also

I have always thought that…for those in monogamous relationships esp when at least one partner is not into it…why do you think that is though?

whats your opinion? emotional commitment? that seems to make sense to me…

if you are really into details, you should suggest “masturbate but always stop before ejaculation”… :guitar:

after one week try not to punch first person meeting on the street,

after two weeks try to compose… ^_^

now we r getting in to the nitty-gritty details!!!..i didn’t want to get that far…however, the book i suggested has all of that info… :)

i think we have lost all hope of keeping this thread on track…even though the subject matter is definitely related… :lol:

maybe we should create that sub-forum like rhowaldt suggested :rolleyes:

From a personal perspective I would say for the following reasons. First of all, guilt seems to fit. Second just fatigue plain and simple. It may also be an associative thing; pornography often has very little in common with the act of love in terms of the emotional but also the physical and visual aspect. I think you come away from pornography wanting something from sex that sex cant give and vice versa, which ultimately ends up making both events SEEM unsatisfactory or even distasteful. The sex becomes perfunctory and it becomes very cerebral, you strategise, and think about doing things from a third person perspective rather than being present and losing yourself in the moment. You kind of become the cameraman or the director I guess.

Cheers man, thx…good response…sort of understood that on a subconsious level, however as i am quite open minded and never judged pornography regardless of choosing to watch or not I never quite dug deep to figure out why the greater part of me prefered not to…thx :)

Which brings me to my last point.
At times this forum is the worst possible thing for making any sort of creative progress.

Hehe im reading and reading and topic become “mastrurbation tips” instead “inspiration tips” haha :D

:lol: :lol: :lol: sooo true…I actually really started laughing out loud when I read that!!!

I think it’s just good to relieve tension once in a while.
Uhh…Maybe someone should say something relevant to get this thread back on subject.

Inspiration Tips ?!
just listen to actual real music.

EDIT: thanks to kink

Smoking weed as suggested, a very good advice.
Also… try getting away from your computer, outside or something, in your garden or something similar, if you are open enough inspiration might flow in your brains giving you a start to start working on.
Sometimes I repeat the progress after I’ve worked out my idea and suddenly a melody pops up, or I hear a bird singing or someone moving something metallic. What also sometimes works in my case is to simply walk around my house and take some random stuff and a mic, record a lot of variations with it and start sequencing those sounds and see if something interesting comes out all the sudden.
There are times however when non of these things work, and if I didn’t use my first advice to much I simply open tracks im working on and try to improve the mix, go by every pattern check if you hear any flaws or things that might be better in another set-up. Sometimes I move a few notes, add a few, what also works pretty well to still work on music is to either expand my sample library by creating for instance drumkits of the pots and pans you have in your house, record your dog, cat, bird or something. Sometimes pre-processings specific sounds in such a way of which you know you are going to repeat that exact way of processing a lot more then once and rendering those in your sample library.
Most of the times when I start doing these things to still work on music without inspiration all the sudden ideas about my new pot and pan drumset start popping up and I start working.
I never work without an idea, I cannot force myself to make music, I could, by simply cloning someone else’s style, which can also be interesting for learning purposes, but yeah, music needs to come from your head and hands, not from random VST programming till you get something interesting which you not originally intended and end up not being able to make a melody cause it simply isn’t there.
Take a break sometimes!
My 50 cents.

I keep a notebook beside my bed.

I often wake up with a song or a riff or just a new idea for a technique in my head.
If I don’t write it down by the time I’ve gotten coffee, it’s gone…

have ample samples (nice wordplay right?) in your arsenal. i thought of this tonight while walking the dogs. i find that if i don’t have a steady flow of new samples (preferably those i cut from other audio myself), i’ll eventually get to a point where i feel i used them all up. of course this isn’t true, and of course i have a folder filled with unfinished stuff or songs i liked a year ago but don’t really like anymore, and those will have samples that i indeed used before but may use again in maybe a better way, more suitable for a new song, and i sometimes do that, but i still feel hesitant to ‘repeat myself’. so i’ll have to divide my time in crafting songs and crafting samples, so one will support the other so to speak.

this may not be a true inspiration tip, more of a workflow tip, but still useful i suppose.

well, this one has been discussed - it works up to some point. but as long you can distinguish lo pass filter from lofimat - thats ok ;) :guitar:

this is VERY good advice.

I found myself forgetting very often good ideas (which can came in every moment - when you are going by bus, eating brunch, having sex or just making shit)… since I started making simply UML’alike diagrams for songs on paper - I am more than happy.