I’m in a musicians writers-block :blink:

Fiddling around with Renoise but can’t get ANY ideas down.

How do you guys come up with ideas for a song?
Where do you get the inspiration from?


For me inspiration doesn’t come togheter with some specific situations… It comes… Whenever it wants…

Of course if something happens to me, something strong, which makes me feel very strong emotions (expecially sad feelings), making music is very simple and natural for me…

For me, listening to new artists or composers usually works. So, try to discover something new in music, it should get your inspirational juices flowing ;)

(oh, and why’s the ‘smirk-smirk’ smiley such a sour face?)

When I go to the bathroom… :D Seriously! It’s the best to to get your focus off everything else and then my sub-conciousness always finds me new ideas I haven’t thought of before… Or I go for a walk to take my mind off music for a while.

[i]"My inspiration comes from my life.

It should be enough for the rest of my life"[/i]

me :D

Unluckily I get my inspiration when I´m at work or being in my bed at night… hmph.

Inspiration at a ba/e/d time :blink:

the fact is inspirations comes from outside (if you don’t use drugs). and there are few ways in my case. first, go out to nature or just go out of home for a while. second, it comes when you had no sleep for a while, for example more than 20 hours, it becames weird and you’re starting talk to yourself. third, just listening to the music, seaching sounds, looping sounds, cutting, whatever gives an inspiration sometimes, just listen to the world carefully and don’t give a rest to your hands…

I get inspiration from chilly, windy autumn/winter nights. It’s not that I’m embracing the evil kinda darkness but the solitude and emptyness appeals to me.

That’s why I get most out of music listening if I lie on my bed in a pitch black room with earphones = no other impressions but the music. Just wish I could do that while making music too…

A question as old as the board itself. :)

my best advice: do something else for a while. maybe days. a week. do something you’ve never done before. break the mold. change your habits.

you don’t GET inspiration. it comes. but it nevertheless needs to come from somewhere. and that’s the place You need to GET to… search for it whitout giving it to much thought…
the only thing, in my mind, that can help you whitout inspiration is routine but that seldom produce good results…

hmm… well… that’s how it is for me anyway…


Ahhh, yes, that’s most annoying. You’re in bed, ready to fall asleep any minute, and then bam! you hear some music, a new idea that just keeps growing, bar after bar after bar… Variations, transitions, counterpoints, the whole shebang, passing like a midnight train through an empty station, never to return. How sad…

I get inspiration when smoking some weed <_< It really boosts my creativity! It also gives listening to music a new dimension. It isnt an inspiration in itself, but you get very easily inspired by all sorts of things after you’ve smoked. I think many people have the same experience as me on that.

I also know it has its bad sides, its not very healty, and I’m not trying to get people into something. :P Anyway… It works for me B)

Yeah, the music that can appear just before you fall asleep is sometimes the most incredible music! Often you dont realize it before the music stops, and you’re back “in the real world”. It has also happened to me a couple of tiimes when falling asleep on the bus.

Its also weird how songs you havent heard for a very long time, can be on your mind when waking up some day.

Muse is a rebellious bird
That nothing can tame
And it is simply in vain to call it
If it is convenient for it to refuse.

(A variation on Carmens Habanera) :)

same to me.
you can´t control it… unless you do dancefloor :)

making music is “head cleaning” to me.

weed boosts creativity! but it makes your sound … weed-like :D :)

I get inspiration from nice computer games, movies, tv-shows books poems, paintings.

Trying to describe certain moods in life…Like what does it a song sound like when you fall in love?

If you look at a game show then ask yourself how would you have written the music for that game show?

Or what music would you have done for the X-files?

What music theme would you make for an Agatha Cristie TV-series.
Or for the new Dallas of 2000?

Maybe a cool tune would you want Madonna to sing?

Or how would you compose the music for a James Bond movie?

Try to make the next christmas tune?

Challenge yourself…

What I am doing … Its really funny but is working… ;)

I go to bed with my PDA and turn off the lights.

Start first with lyrics…for example…write a small story about someone or something happen to me or maybe something about life… my feelings…or maybe a girl I saw and inspired me … bla bla e.t.c…write whatever it comes to my mind.
Finally something good comes out… maybe I dont finish the lyrics in one night but someday Lyrics will be completed.
For me is easier to write lyrics first and then the music. With Renoise and all the samples(Royalty Free) I have is easier to write the music if you a storylinr. I tried many times to make music out of nothing but If you don’t have a storyline is not easy to create something.

I have a small piano composer in my PDA which is NOT very good but I use it sometime for fun :P , But I would love to have RENOISE on my PDA. ;)


zERObROTHERS proudly presents:



Awesome. :D
I like that too.

Something I’m doing at the moment:

Find a track you really like and wish you could create something similar to…load it into Renoise…chop it into about four pieces, and use sample offset to give you an example of what that track’s doing at each phrase in your song. Then, do your own take on that arrangement and the ideas therein. This gives you forward momentum, because without an arrangement in mind (or one to follow) it’s easy to get stuck.

Don’t worry about copying structure, because I guarantee that you’ll get bored or impatient with sticking to their format and strike out on your own.