Installation Help

There are some things about Renoise 1.5 Beta1 installation Instructions I simply do not understand. First of all which Renoise version is the trial version and which one is the demo version?

OK, this is how I understand the instructions:
I have to install v1.282 first then uninstall it then copy the 1.5 Beta1 exe to the same directory I installed the 1.282 in?? When am I supposed to actually install v1.5 Beta1???

Well anyway, I’ve installed Beta1 without following the Installation Instructions but I can’t see my name on the splash screen, btw what’s a nag-box and where is it supposed to appear? I can still render to wav although the ASIO driver makes most of my vsti’s go crazy.

Please help.

Btw sorry, I should’ve posted this in the help forum.

the installation instructions you are talking about (the ones in the registered users page) refer to version 1.281, not to 1.5beta

you don’t need to update 1.281 to 1.5

you can have both 1.281 and 1.5 on the same computer, which is what most of users do.

Simply install the new version.
The nag box is not there because the version you have is time limited.

Thanx chief! :D