Installed Audiophile 192 - Tune Effects Problem


I have just installed an Audiophile 192, after using the on board sound card for a while.

I got the new card to boost sound quality, as I wanted to master the track. However, when I fired up Renoise, I noticed that the real time effects behaved differently. I’m still figuring out exactly what has happened, but at the very least, all the reverb effects are less prominent. I need to boost them to get the right sound again.

I’ve noticed that for some tracks I can’t increase the reverb enough - it’s already at maximum.

The most practical solution might be to just add another reverb effect to the relevant tracks to make up for the loss.

However, the question is, has anyone else encountered anything like this before? If so, can you explain exactly what is going on? Presumably something to do with the change of hardware, but I didn’t expect to have to rejig all the effects again, as it’s going to take a little while.


Thanks in advance!