Instead Of Multi Layered Instruments We Could Have This

I think it was either ST3 or IT (or both) that had this sort of feature.

When you copy block and put this sort of chord mode on (don’t remember what it was actually called) and start inserting notes, it pastes the whole block and transposes it according to the key you press.

I think it was by default assigned as a C-4 instrument, but if this gets implemented into Renoise you should be able to change the base note.


block you copy:
C-5 01 60 ---- G-5 01 … ---- C-4 03 … ----

turn the chord mode on, press e and renoise pastes this:
E-5 01 60 ---- B-5 01 … ---- E-4 03 … ----

Yea this would be super.

IT2 had this feature.
It was not really chord copy but note-block transition copy.

Another thing i miss from the Impulse Tracker imperium is the quick mask setting or in Renoise: a short-cut assigned to setting the copy-mask on-the-fly without having to go to advanced edit. (Hit the short-cut key underneath each specific column to set it copyable or not)

by the way, what does this have to do with multilayering?

Completely nothing, i would not desire to have this feature “instead of”