Instr. Properties global volume and transpose settings

First of all thx for absolutely amazying GUI rework with addition of track scopes and spectrum for all existing panels and adding little Insrument properties for being always in sight, now for the first time i can really use Renoise 3!

Not sure if this bug or intended to compliment each other:

So problem is, when you change parameters of little Instruments properties to the right like volume, transpose…
They does’t change same parameters in Plugin section to the left.
And also little instrument properties have maximum of 6db volume, but Plugin section have max of 12db.

In my mind both sections should be in sync, but maybe they’ve been created to complimet each other?
Correct me if i’m wrong.

there’s a difference between instrument “global” volume and “plugin” volume.

you 've probably noticed that renoise instruments have 3 types : sample based, plugin based and external midi hardware based instruments

the fun part is that you can assign 3 kinds of sounds to just one instrument number

for example, if you load a sample in your instrument slot, it will play both your plugin AND your loaded sample at the same time

so, the “global” volume and “global” transpose section allows you to modify those kind of “multi-type” instruments…

Oh, thx for explanation man!
Now it totally make sense :drummer:/>