Instrument Automation Issues

Recently I got back to Renoise and have fun. Now I got a track that I try to produced fully in Renoise but I encountered some issues regarding vst instrument automation with a controller. It looks like I cannot automate more than one parameter per line. What did I wrong or does it really not work_?_ I try to automate an acid like out of Phoscyon Vsti but “all” data flows into one column. For instance when automating cutoff and resonance at the same time it does’t work properly. It would probably make sense if a second colmumn would pop up for the second parameter but it simply does not record what I want, even though I hear what I want. Is there something that I have missed?

Pattern Automation Recording Mode: When enabled, right-clicked and MIDI mapped parameters are recorded into Automation instead of the track’s Master FX Column.

This should do the trick I think. It’s the third button on toolbar below the pattern editor.

Cheers for that! Now the concrete fun can begin :drummer: