Instrument Capacity

i realize i’ve mentioned it before in different threads, but i’m hoping if i give this request its own thread it will get better attention. i would benefit much from having more instrument space. the current limit of 0x80 instruments is enough for most individual projects i create, but if i really wanted to make something longer, with a more continuous and/or directional flow, i would need many more instrument slots. even increasing to 0xff would literally double my capabilities. i’m not sure if the entire .rns spec would have to be modified to increase instrument capacity, but even if so my vote is it would be worth it. maybe even to do it in dynamically allocated linked-list style so VSTi and samplesets could be added indefinitely… i realize that would require a more drastic change of the .rns specs, but extending the instrument capacity from 0x80 to 0xff you could do without modifying too much, right?

sorry if i’m rambling. i’m a bit drunk.
i’m serious though, i think the current limit on number of instruments is very limiting.


Wow… You really make a lot of songs that require more than 128 unique instruments? That’s intense! :P

well, i would if i could… :slight_smile:

reason is, if you want to be able to pitch a sample at will, it needs its own instrument… unless you do it in zones which is not really how i want to work. kind of stuff i like to do runs out of instrument space pretty quick in renoise.


Well if you really would like to use effects upon existing samples, it would save a lot of space by using effect-templates for samples / instruments instead.
And this is a suggestion that has been made recently. (…5efafd792433ea1 ) Though it would take a lot of extra processing time with the current track-effects being applied also.

not talking bout effects. talking about having more samples. each instrument can hold 16 samples, but to play them all zones have to be defined limiting the capability to play them at any pitch. i want to be able to have more than 128 samples loaded that i can play at any pitch.


Something I´´m thinking of if it would be nice if the instruments was divided into banks?

The best GUI solution to change banks I think would be the instrument a dropdown meny and two arrowkeys.

Why instrumentbanks? Because it is much easier to navigate and find the samples if you can put all drum them into banks, all pads into one bank, all drums into one bank.

If we had FF=256 instruments then they could be divided into 8 banks.

Ofcourse it would be nice if there was FF banks that each could hold FF instruments, but this would require two more pattern digits to show from which instrument bank the instruments are.
Unless you acctually chose instrument banks as a track setting, that in turn could be changed with a change instrument bank command.

The raise of the limitation of the sample-slot amount has also been put on the wishlist of many (including me).