Instrument Coloring

Hi to everybody! B)

I was just taking a look at the new Skale Tracker version and, apart from the fact that I completely dislike its interface, I noticed a new eye-candy feature: Instrument Coloring, i.e. notes are colored differently according to the instrument which play them. :walkman:

take a look! :rolleyes:

well, it shouldn’t be directly copied from Skale, but it could be similarly implemented in the next version of Renoise to improve instrument recognition during tracking… Renoise developers, what do you think about it? :)


It’s a cool feature. (We discussed “instrument coloring” very long in the skale forum. )

I use it in Sk@le, when I search an instrument in the pattern view.

By the way. I very like the Sk@le interface. But I have the feeling it will never be a version 1.00. And there are so many feature missed at the moment.

the greatest features are:

  • the mixer view
  • instrument coloring and
  • the new XDelay command (high precision delay note on - 256 steps per pattern line)