Instrument Definition


Is there a way to create instrument definition for an external device? Like cubase instrument def, or cakewalk.

Someting like this:
[renoise parse file]
[parser version 0001]

[creators first name]Test)
[creators last name]Test
[device manufacturer]EMU
[device name]XLead1
[script name]E-mu XLead1
[script version]version 1.00

[define patchnames]

[g1] Group 1
[p2, 0, 7, 0] arp:Robo Trace
[p2, 1, 7, 0] bts:Trancer
[p2, 2, 7, 0] raw:Basic
[p2, 3, 7, 0] Saw bpm:Boogy Synth
[p2, 4, 7, 0] syn:ORiON
[p2, 5, 7, 0] edg:BoXT mono
[p2, 6, 7, 0] wal:Raverotic

And the instrument name listed in midi-device or else. It would be awesome if we dont need to watch every instrument change on the hardware display, only in renoise.
Share me your suggestions about this, or if there’s a solution for this leak, i am so glad if somebody share with me.

or else…WHAT? :)

(sadly, i have nothing useful to add)

hotelsinus: I don’t think there is, but it’s an interesting idea. This sounds like it could be jointed with the scripting capabilites in 2.6 though. Hard to know where to draw the line also. Imagine Renoise sending an instrument sysex to your specific synthesizer at load of project for example. These things (dealing with external instruments) will always involve some manual work and have unideal drawbacks.

Just thinking out loud.

How do you use Cubase instrument definition? (It was never something I’ve used in my years with Cubase, so I don’t know much about it)

you can add devices in cubase sx.
device settings hold the default preset names too, but it can be edited.
Usefull indeed!