Instrument Editor Envelope Loops

to my knowledge it is not possible to adjust the looping speed on the instrument editor envelopes. currently it seems to be synced. what if i don’t want it to sync? apart from using a DSP and automating that to achieve the same result, might this be a useful thing to add?

What do you mean? Your Envelop is always made with respect to lines (seems to be 6 points per line no matter you Tick value, though it would follow Ticks.) You want your loop to be a different length use a different sized Envelope. Standard length of 71 is just under 12 lines (72 is exactly 12 lines.) Why have a value just off from a neat division seems weird, as does not having it follow Ticks…

Would would be nice is a little box for which line the point is on. Currently we have one so we can set exact value but if you use a high number of lines, say 256, and want to put an exact value on a specific line, with this value even the obvious middle point of 128 has to be very crudely guessed as a point between 120-144, so it would be nice to be able to move points to an exact position horizontally via a data entry box, as well as exactly set their vertical value by one. I know you can draw in the Automation window and copy and paste but for something so simple you shouldn’t have to be using this work around.

hmm, i’m thinking about what you’re saying, and i suppose i just expected the length of 71 to dictate the amount of detail i could put into an envelope, so to speak, but now i realise this also works as a speed setting: making a shorter envelope speeds up the looping. i guess i was expecting a ‘speed’ value box or something, so i could just make my envelope the length (and detail) i would want it to be, and then speed it up.

your second point i agree with, and adds to the other posts i’ve seen about improving the (automation) envelopes.