Instrument Editor Envelope Window , Make It Bigger Please

I used to spent a lot of time time tweaking envelopes in te instrument env.window …but now …urgh
I mean the size of the window isn’t really appealing to spend some ( quality ) time tweaking envelopes + that double clikck …jikkkkkkes .
Could we at least have a bigger envelope window please , the sample keyzones takes the whole width of the screen while the envelope win.just uses a fraction of it , and they are both equally important for creating instruments , the way it is now it seems that everythhing is cramped in there at the last minute.

Good Idea, but for every dozen users who wants the envelope editor larger you’ve got a dozen users who want the keyzone area bigger :)

How about making the areas sizeable by grabbing the divider between them and dragging to your liking? As happy as I am with renoise’s feature set this interactivity is one I tend to expect to be there – I try doing this on every beta version released with my fingers crossed.

I for one have always wished the darn instrument/sample browser (now just the instrument browser) in the top right of the GUI would/could be larger as well…

I agree that added features requires a redesign of the interface, but why shrink the size of the envelope editor ?
Instead we could have a button that switches between keyzone editor and evelope editor , both occupying the same space , imagine that the pattern editor would have to sacrifice space for an added feature , users would not appreciate this because that’s where they spend most of te time making music .
Same goes for the envelope editor , positioned at the bottom right corner , the size of a poststamp , c’mon guys

i only can agree - i use the envelopes a lot and for me its real to small too - or put up/down buttons for selected points into it for small changes which is nearly impossible to do with the mouse - also the raster for pitch with +/- 100 is not fine enough

Totally agree about the envelope windows being too small in 2.7, that’s the first thing I noticed. The instrument LFO isnt too great either. I like how Buzz had “tabs” you click that allowed each feature (patterns, mixer, instruments etc.) to take up the entire screen if needed.