Instrument Editor Lfos Out Of Time

just been trying to get a decent vibrato from renoise by using one of the instrument editor window’s LFOs on the pitch envelope. LFOs (with frequency of 4,8…etc.) should be in time with the pattern as it loops but they are not. It seems like it is the same problem as with the vibrato pattern effects command. the LFO cycles slightly too fast for the pattern and sounds poppy as the pattern loops… hope this can be fixed in a future version of renoise, accurate vibrato by pattern effect commands or pitch envelope LFO would be really useful. at the moment still must use an LFO device

It’s not really a bug, it’s just that the instrument LFO behaves in a different way.

You should check out this other thread from a while ago: Lfo In The Instrument Editor

I’ll quote my own reply from there:

thankyou! i had no idea that the instrument editor lfos needed different values…so, does the vibrato command work using these values as well?