Instrument Editor

Maybe someone already posted it somewhere (I did a search though).

In the instrument editor it is possible to assign samples to different keys. Now I want to assign effect values to it. For example filter or volume the note stronger when you play the note higer or lower. This is standard stuff for keyboards.

Also an option to load multiple samples in one instrument e.g. piano and strings is a classic example, with also the option to let one instrument get more volume or filter when keys are played higher or lower.


It has already been posted :)

You can have 16 samples on one instrument…

read carefully…

he asked for an option to have different settings for each sample, for example a different filter envelope.

this is included in the complete RNI revision which is in the new features polls, and a complete RNI redesign is, in my opinion, the most important feature ReNoise is missing.

Even more than skins!! (ironic <_<) :rolleyes: