Instrument Envelope Question

Hello i try’ed automate pitch in instr. editor, my pattern size is 256 and i wanted pitch down few cents in 128 excatly in half on pattern, but numbers on envelope graphig does’nt match with pattern numbers. I put in instr ediotor on place 128 curve, but absolutely it does’nt match where this must match.

i can’t better explain, but hope U understandd what i wanted to say.

if I’ve understood you well, you thought that putting a command like 0280 would have pitched 80h (=128 in decimal) cents down.

good guess, unfortunately it’s not true.

check out the tutorial page for 01xx/02xx command to learn more.

we understand the present way is not straightforward to use: it’s a bad heritage from the past of trackers and we are indeed studying new ways to achieve pitch shifting more precisely and easier.

in the meantime, you may want to use 05xx (glide command) to pitch to a precise note:

C-4 01 -- -- ----  
E-4 01 -- -- 0510  

will glide from C-4 to E-4. The speed of gliding depends on BPM.