Instrument Envelopes

would be nice and actually extremely useful to see sample on background of instrument envelopes, like:



& vice versa: instr env grid on sample editor

The waveform overview changes with the pitch on the sample, the envelope doesnt. So this would look fancy, but not much be a help.

So the speed of the envelope is independent from the speed of the sample which would make the idea unuseful in practice?

Did I get it correctly?

yes kamaleontti, you got it right.

the idea is useless, and with looped samples would also be less useful

Actually this is extremely useful, but not in this context.
Volume envelopes on top of audio clips are essential on longer samples (like live recordings). But this is much better to have in the pattern editor vertically like in this thread. Or horizontally in an arranger like on this picture.

The horizontally way you will have a fixed timeline, so there will be no problem.
The vertically way, you have to recalculate the wave before it is shown in the pattern (as you can change speed/pitch etc in the pattern).

Again I think we should discuss if there should be some specialized tracks in renoise.

I agree that the midi should only be decided in each instrument. But I can see many advantages of having specialized Audio tracks. (you can easily solve this by having ‘audio/precalc button’ somewhere to change the track properties).

Everything you insert in a Audio track will be precalculated, saved on .tmp files and shows as a waveform, and streamed from harddrive. So you dont have to trigger instruments to hear sound. You can start the song anywhere in the pattern and you will hear the wave in the track immediately.
This is very useful for long samples/loops/recordings whatever…
If you change pitch or use other tracker commands in Audiotracks, renoise will recalculate the wave.

If this is too heavy on the graphics in the pattern editor, you could just show a vertically bar that represent your audio clip. Then you can put automation on top of the bar. However in a vertical arranger this will be easy on the graphics.

Do anyone agree? There must be some of you guys that do your own recordings? :)


actually we could:

a) take some base-note and scale envelope view according it
B) make some timing link button and scale the envelope in realtime according current pitch if the button is on. of course timing accuracy will be quantized by ticks, but better than nothing…

b sounds better to me

The larger the sample, the more amount of ticks you need to assign to the envelope.
For very large samples this can be impractical since you hardly can distinguish which points you really want to set a node.
And tick-precision node-placing is also out of the question with large samples, unless scaling (and zooming-mode) is being added to it.