Instrument Ext. Midi Bank Change On Nord Lead

My MIDI gear is connected but i cant change Bank. Program, Channel and other controls are working well.

Hey jeruro,

Quickly tested it works just fine here. Would be great if you could give us a few more details.

Note that we are sending LSB /MSB bank change messages on CC 20,0 always (for for example Bank #5):

B0 20 04 1 --- CC: Bank LSB   
B0 00 00 1 --- CC: Bank MSB   

What kind of Bank select does you MIDI gear need/want/expect/support?
Does it work with other programs?
Did it ever worked before in older Renoise versions?
When exactly does it work or not work for you (loading songs, or in general)?

Hi Taktik,my tests on Mac pro OSX 1.6.7.

Nord Lead 3 --> Cakewalk Midi interface -->USB -->Mac = I cant change Bank.
Novation A-Station -->Saffire pro 40 -->Firewire -->Mac = Bank 2 on Renoise = Bank 1 on A-Station | Bank 3 on Renoise = Bank 2 on A-Station.

The same system with other host works as expected. It worked with 2.6 version.

I don’t know if its possible to implement something like this in Renoise, because im having problems(also with 2.6 ) with Arturia Origin for changing Banks.

Quickly googled, the Nord Lead 3 needs a program change as well, in order to apply a bank change (if this information is correct:

You can do so by setting the program in Renoise to anything but “off”.

A few more bank change options would be great, but is unfortunately nothing we can add for 2.7.

Thanks for the fast reply.

“You can do so by setting the program in Renoise to anything but “off”.” <-- I tried but it seems not works or i misunderstood. And why in A-Station the bank number doesn’t correspond?

there is interesting thing to change banks on hardware instruments,
On my EMU Commandstation looks like this:
userban is fine 0-1-2-3
but bank 4 is not a bank in my CS.
i need to go BANK number 513-519 to change the XLrom and so on.
World Instrument rom in BANK nr 1152-1155
Protean Drums BANK nr 2432-2435

so you need to find the correct BANK Number in renoise
see image:-.
i hate this way my be a duplex editor for hardware instrument would be great.
or better support in renoise.