Instrument Filter Envelope

Create a new instrument. Enable the cutoff envelope (not the resonance). Play the note. The resonance is at 50% (the beginning value of the resonance envelope). Why?

Resonance isn’t something you always want. Actually for lowpass use you typically don’t want it at all.

Until i enable the resonance envelope, i expect zero resonance to be introduced to my filter.

well you can save a preset and click on it. you have mouse buttons for a reason, after all :D

indeed I’d love to have a way to exp/import envelope presets. Not for 2.0 obviously

yes, I know it works with copy&paste from external (good to show it to who doesn’t anyway!).

this is surely something we will take care of when we will redesign XRNI structure

There once was a discussion and I believe it is there for showing there is a filter envelope present. Dunno the logic, if I do it the I know it already.

Highly agree on this one and it’s been bugging me as well. Just as you’d expect Filter3 to be transparent when you add it to your dsp-chain (and then go play with its settings), you would expect the frequency and resonance of the instrument-filter to have an transparent default-mode.