Instrument Ghosting

Hello, my question is about Instrument Ghosting. I have read the tutorial and opened the example rns files but for some reason i cannot get this to work. I set up a track with a volume envelope at around 200 ticks and enter in two notes. I put the cursor over the instrument number and press del…nothing happens. Maybe there is something im missing here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

have you entered edit-mode by pressing escape ? a red (?atleast here) square is shown around the pattern editor when you are in edit-mode.

Note ghosting is there to efficiently keep the instrument envelopes going without retriggering them.
If you have a straight volume level in that envelope, you won’t notice any real difference.
The yellow tracking marker should continue when the second note is being played for that instrument.

I have entered edit mode and tried to delete the instrument number. Nothing happens.

I have a decreasing volume envelope on the instrument. The tracking marker does not continue since the sample is being retriggered.

Does nothing happen, when you’re going to delete or does nothing happen while playback?

Check your instrument settings for sustain. Maybe it’s switched on?

Nothing happens when i press delete over the highlighted instrument number.

Sustain is turned off.

Yes I do have playback.

Yes I am using a Mac.
Yes I can delete characters and notes using the delete key.

Problem solved. FN+Delete. Thanks guys.