Instrument Grabber, Is It Legal?

not that it really matters to me, but I was wondering about the legality of the instrument grabber, let me be clearer.

I was playing around over the weekend with the demo of Drumaxx (, when I noticed that it doesn’t matter if it is a demo or a full version, I can always create as many drum patch as I want, and just export them to a dum kit or wav with the instrument grabber, thus cancelling the need of buying the software.

In the end, a nice cost-saving trick.

I don’t think there is any legal concern on Renoise side: as long as you are using a legit version, being it registered or demo, Renoise is simply using the software’s features

probably sampling a sample library and distribute the generated instruments may not be permitted, but for personal use It-Alien is correct.

I think that what you feed the instrument grabber with is none of Renoise’s business.

It’s up to the user to know if they have the right to sample an reuse such and such material.

yes obviously i was referring to how a user actually USE the instrument grabber, not the legit of the instrument grabber itself (which is perfectly permitted).

we are not responsible if a user sample say, garritan orchestra, and sell the generated libraries…

My concern was coming from the fact that the instrument grabber lets you actually work around some of a demo’s limitations

Well that’s your call… you don’t HAVE to do everything you CAN do…

If Renoise is not breaking encryption, it’s not an illegal feature. You may be breaking the demo plug’s EULA by sampling it though.