Instrument LFO frequency possible at 1kHz?


I am looking for a way to modulate a filter cutoff using an OSC, not a LFO… Since it doesn’t seem to be possible, is there any way to increase the maximum frequency of the lfo module from 20Hz up to, lets say 1kHz or even more? I would like to build a nice “LoFi Ey jey jey”-talker sound… Possible?

you could use a modulation envelope and set it to loop mode …

I also hope future renoise versions will nbe able to do REAL audio rate modulation …for FM stuff etc…

Heygentleclockdivider, tried this, but how can I then change the rate? Also it seems that a modulation envelope just has no effect at all if set to 1ms-steps, maybe because of too harsh interpolation?

Question for this would be, at which interval instrument modulation is happening. Sample rate (I guess not), Tick rate, audio buffer rate…?

Anything other than sample rate (or very small blocks of samples), forget 1khz modulation. I.e. at Tick rate, you’d get intervals at 44.1 khz, 130bpm, 4lpb, 12tpl = 424 samples. That’d be a max frequency of about 100hz, but rub off a lot from that down, because you’ll have aliasing etc. in the modulation until maybe a quarter or even less from there. 44100 / 1000hz = 44,1 samples, but would need to be updated at even faster rate to give reasonable results likewise.

Yeah that kind of filter aliasing is what I am looking for I guess. I will make some very nice sounding talker like sound, better than with a reducer. Moog emulations usually are capable of using OSC 3 for filter modulation, it sounds very good.

No, with aliasing I actually mean that at too low update frequencies you won’t be able to achieve your effect, the cutoff values will be chosen at much higher intervals that the modulator is oscillating with, resulting in strange effects. Like, take a sinewave and an even offset and choose a row of values in that even offset from the wave. You’ll see, when the wave frequency is high and the offset too, you won’t have a sinewave as result from that sampling, but something hard to control or predict.

I’ve tried the moog emulations from the bristol suite. Man, this is a real rad effect! Like some hard decimator that won’t touch the base sound too hard, and filter sweepies with often vowel like charakter, and some real dope technical kind of sound. Sometimes close to ringmods or FM type sounds or the like, but much easier to the ears. But you’ll need per sample level cutoff modulation, and filter algos capable of having their cutoff modulated in that way without going unstable. Seems like renoise instrument modulations weren’t really built for these kind of effects, with the envelope trick I only get something that sounds like it’s very weak and aliasing like mad, not clear like in the softsynths.

Hey yes that’s nice stuff, isn’t it? Maybe what we miss is this kind of in depth osc modulation techniques in Renoise that can lead into lots of sophisticated effects. Eg also osc ring mod and osc sync in ma radias extension is so nice. There is also some fake fm stuff. All these features would be wonderful to have in Renoise instr section.

This one was posted in the kvr forum:

Yah, modular synthesis building blocks have been suggested before, I think. But would be hard work to implement. Also without somekind of magic such stuff would sound rather “sterile” when compared to real analogue ones, or decent emulations, but simple stuff would still be better than nothing. Would be really cool to have such options in renoise insts, like applying more complex modulations to samples, have better (and antialiased!) options for wave(-cycle) generation than pure sample loops, parallel/serial polyphonic filters and certain effects in polyphonic manner anyhow, also your wishes for fm/fcm/rm chains, and such stuff would really elevate renoise (&redux) above any xyz sampler application.