Instrument Lfos Are Undercooked

So me and dblue tried to optimize an older RNS for 2.8, and a big part of the old tune was a pad of fairly typical complexity; A fading LFO on the pitch, and an ADSR envelope. Replicating the pitch LFO is something Renoise currently cannot do, unless I’m missing something.

Tbh, the more i mess with Renoise instruments, the more disappointed I am in the LFOs; You can’t turn off key sync (which is odd; More often than not you want sync to be opt-in, not opt-out), nor can you assign an LFO’s amount/intensity to an envelope or otherwise attenuate its intensity. This is a huge missed opportunity.

I suggest three things:

LFO sync dropdown; key sync (the current behavior), song sync (offset by song position), ‘free’.

The UI distinction between env and LFO in the instrument editor isn’t intuitive. It gives the impression that you have to pick one, while in reality they are both applied. I suggest that both LFO and Env editors are visible in parallel, with Env first followed by LFO.

Finally, either a fade parameter added to the LFO, or a way to assign the Env to drive the amount (forfeiting the Env for other purposes).