Instrument List Cut/Paste/Move

i’m posting this in beginners question cause i might be missing something here. if not, it should be in ideas/suggestions.

when you have 2 instruments with one sample each, and you would like to merge them into a single instrument, how do you do it? there’s no obvious option for ‘merge’, so i tried the copy/paste buttons (which are, strangely, not included in the sample dropdown menu - only file-options provided are insert, delete, clear, rename - why no cut, copy, paste?). these however, do not seem to work as would be logical:

i cut the sample from instrument 2, go to instrument 1, add a new sampleslot underneath the sample already there, select that new slot, and click ‘paste’. the sample i cut from instrument 2 is added to instrument 1, but it overwrites the original instrument 1 sample.

is anyone else having this behaviour, or is it just me? and if so, what am i missing? and if nothing, could someone please move this to ideas/suggestions because it seems a bit strange and illogical functionality here…

Yeah it’s a bit quirky at the moment.

  • Select the 1st instrument.
  • Go into the Sample Editor and hit Copy.
  • Select the 2nd instrument.
  • Add a new sample slot to the 2nd instrument.
  • Paste.

good one, hadn’t thought of that yet. glad you agree that it’s not working the way it probably should. can this be modded to ideas/suggestions?

I think it’s just a question of context. If you copy anything from the Instrument List then you get the entire instrument placed on the clipboard, rather than just a single sample. So the key thing here is to copy from within the Sample Editor instead.

Either way, I do agree that there should at least be some copy/paste context menu options within the sample slot list. It caught me off guard the first few times I tried it as well.