Instrument MIDI offset values when running in ReWire


I am running renoise 2.8 as rewire slave to reaper 4.3 on a 32bit windows xp os and am encountering a significantly larger hardware midi note offset then when i am running renoise stand alone. when renoise is running stand alone i am able to compensate for the delay by adding 54ms of latency in the ext. midi instrument settings. However when I slave renoise to reaper i am unable to compensate for the note offset with the “100ms slider.” The two daw’s sync up perfectly without a hitch however the midi offset when in rewire mode is to large to compensate for.

I use renoise as a sequencer for all my hardware but would love to be able to slave it to reaper for my recording as well… a global “ext. midi offset option” in the preferences would be greatly appreciated as well as the ability to exceed 100ms of latency well in rewire.

i apologies if this post is a repeat. I simply could not find any information on the topic.

Any and all feedback is appreciated


I had this exact same problem when I was trying to select a ReWire host to record external synths. I settled on Logic because it was the only one that had a “live mode” that allowed me to record perfectly in sync.

Have you tried compensating the latency in Reaper? Latency compensation is best done in the Master host, not the slave.
If it is just one specific track in Renoise that you need compensated, you can still adjust the track latency in the mixer panel of Renoise.

i was able to balance it all out between the two daw’s. a bit of slop but nothing i cant live with… a master “ext. midi” latency option would be nice tho. i can be running up to 20 or 30 “ext. midi” instrument’s and when your in the middle of of sessions it can get a bit tedious having to remember to correct each one as you add them.

it will be cool to see what they come up with for v 3.0. iv just started using it this weakened and am pretty impressed. lots of fun. the clock in renoise could be tightened up a bit but “C’est la vie”

the reaper one is very good but sequencing beats with it sucks ( for me anyway )

thanks for the feedback