Instrument names.

When you create a MIDI instrument, instead of calling it “Midi 1” in the instrument name, how about calling it the name from the GM spec, depending on which program number you choose?


if so it is better if you can define your own preset names (the way you define instrument definitions in cakewalk or midi devices cubase). we have spoken about this before, some kind of preset editor would be a real nice thing for us with many synths but it seems like the interest for this isn’t big enough so I guess it will take some time before we will see this in renoise…

Ok, well I imagine that “Midi 1”, “Midi 2” is generated by something like:

instrument[index].name = CString("Midi ") + (index + 1);

How about if I email somebody an array…

const char* const pcGMInstrumentNames[128] =
“Grand Piano”,


And then the line of code can be changed to:

instrument[index].name = CString(pcGMInstrumentNames[index]);


this will be pretty fustrating when working with non-gm compatible sound-banks though ;) so I still think a preset editor is a way much better alternative in this case…

i think there should be room for more letters on each line in the instrument-list. i believe 19 is the current limit, but it many cases this is a tad short in my opinion. if you load a sample named i.e. “chunky_housebass_034” the last “4” will be killed. of course not a big problem, but i don’t believe it’s a big problem to expand these lines either…or?

btw… speaking of instrument names… just a tiny little anoying thing:
could you plz remove the colon " : " in vst names…
01 VST:Reaktor

Not a big deal… but i have to rename the file (remove the colon) each time I wanna save the instrument (rni).