Instrument Patches


I’m not sure if it’s possible but, I haven’t noticed it yet if, there is a chance that instrument program parameters of the Volume Cutoff and resonance sections of an instrument can be made into templates / programs. when you load an instrument the samples and the parameters come together. it would be extremely handy if the basic ADSRs etc could be saved as empty patches with no samples associated. in that way, if any given template can either be imposed over (and or) extracted from any other instrument from this empty template, you could save a lot of time for retasking already made information, such as the ADSR sections.

I haven’t thoroughly checked yet but, 4 memory buttons in the various sections in the ADSRs of Renoise units seem to be Global for all modules. so there are only 4 basic memories for say, Volume ADSR’s.

in any case, if this feature is not already present then it could be a huge time saver and therefore workflow enhancement.
another case example might be, if I bring in an EXS24 format instrument, it does not translate any of the modulation or ADSR sections.

This feature could potentially solve a set of workflow problems.

More or less this is already implemented since xnri files doesn’t have to contain samples to be saved or loaded. Just make your instrument, delete the samples and save as xnri and your instrument settings will be saved. double clicking a sample in the sample browser will load it into the isntrument if it is selected and you’ll keep all the settings, you just have to load the xnri first. You can even save your vsti setups as xnri. The only thing problem with this approach is that you have to load the xnri before the sample which means can’t easily browse through different templated on the same sample. Trying out different samples on the same template is simple though.

Still planning to re-embed selecting specific sections to save/apply instead of everything in the instrument sample envelopes.

Thanks guys, I’ll have a look at this when I get time.

I guess copying the samples in an instrument to a new instrument will probably use more RAM. re-using already used samples would be a way to increase the power of Renoise from various standpoints. but even if one has to copy all the samples for any new instrument, being able to impose all the ADSR sections as a preset, from a saved instrument or any existing instrument in the project, could be useful. The more I use Renoise the more I’m convinced the sampler is it’s greatest asset. the more advances in that dept the better. thanks for the suggestions. looking forward to trying this tool. :)