Instrument Preview 'Toggle' Switch

Currently, in the instrument mapping window to preview a sound the keyboard is clicked.

However, when you have multiple velocity ranges such as this…:

… you cannot necceserily preview all the samples assigned to the same key (but with different velocities).

Thus, a suggestion would be to incorporate a toggle switch (maybe underneath the keyboard) to enable ‘instrument preview’.

When toggled, clicking in the velocity mapping area (above the keyboard) would emulate playing a note at that pitch and velocity (as if the note came from an external midi controller). It would also select that sample if ‘auto-select samples’ is enabled (i.e. identical to external midi input).

The advantange of this is that users could create velocity based instruments (i.e. multiple samples ‘stacked’ on a single key and/or that use velocity dependant envelope modulation) and preview them without any external equipment. For example, I could knock up some instruments at my lunch break at work on my netbook. :)

I hope this makes sense to others.