Instrument Properties

I got like 10000000 .wav samples on my mega-harddrive, and some of the are named Sp248g44a2_filtered.wav etc…

i tend to forget where i found those , so this is my suggestion: VIEW FILE TARGET SOMETHING

like : c:\MegaHarddrive\Audio\Samples\Wavs\Mixed\CheapSynthStrings\DownloadedSamplesFromtheInternetForCheapSounds\TB-303\Sp248g44a2_filtered.wav


In the sample/instrument list? This could be a good addition, allthough I frequently move my samples around on the HD anyway. Just a game I play with myself for fun.

For now, you could just use the notepad thing to write down the paths.

origin file-targets are written along the samples in the song-file, but they don’t display in Renoise.
So you would have to open the songfile in winzip and then browse the xml file in notepad or so to figure out where a certain sample was loaded from.

It would be a piece of cake to write a util that quickly exposes this kind of info for a song-file, but on the other hand any other developer could.



My failing blatter and that the beta period has not started yet.
I forgot to tell this was about the next edition format, sorry.

Sepp Blatter is working on Renoise? And failing too? Horrific news.

Nice suggestion.

One would acctually want both.
One way to see what samples another song used and where they are or a easy way to get them into another song.

And a display inside renoise so you see where the sample is from. Thinking out loud…Maybe when you have the mouse over the sample it could show as a tooltip. Though that would be a bit slow.

But in some kind of info window would be cool…

Perhaps it would be nice if you could get an info window in Renoise when you browse different songs. In which you can see what intruments they used etc without opening the songs…

And no you should not move around those samples.

This was a nice feature inside Impulse tracker, you could import samples and instruments from existing songs (even XM and mod-files).

Now THATS hot aswell.