Instrument/sample Slots Improvements

That top right corner… 9 slots for loading samples, xrni’s and virtual instruments… Yes, I know about the [Disk Browser] -> [More] clicking that also expands the number of lines in the slot list. But now when we have such an excellent organizing feature like “Folder tracks” to keep our songs tidy for fast workflow, wouldn’t it be logical to apply that same idea to way we access and organize the instruments/samples?

Some ideas here? What can be done?

Consider the folder tracks structure, and that it has a 6 levels of nesting available. Consider also how we access the instruments/samples when composing. Isn’t it most natural to place out drum samples within a nested drum folder track?

I’d suggest that Renoise introduces some kind of tagging system in regard to instruments & samples. When editing stuff inside a folder track, let’s say drums, an option to “chain” custom tagged instruments/samples to specific tracks would make it possible to quickly access a limited list of instrument/samples.

That is, if I edit stuff in my drum folder track, e.g. the subtrack titled “Hihats”, Renoise would filter out every instrument/sample in the list that wasn’t tagged “Hihats”. So that would mean that the instrument/sample list would only show a list of various hihats.

The current [Track DSP] list contains some nice starting points already, such as Search, Favorites, More, etc. Now when we have 64-bit and can load huge amount of samples into RAM, it would be very nice to at least have Search in the (sometimes huge) instrument/samples list for faster navigating. But a tagging system which directly links a set of samples to a specfic track, and therefore narrows down the samples list as such, would be awesome.

What kind of approach would you like to see here? What could be done to improve the ways we navigate and access loaded samples and instruments within a song?

There was a recent suggestion on grouping instruments for doubling them (making a note with the group number play all instruments simultaneosly). I’m all in for that one, but personally I don’t see much use for grouping just to organize them.

A tagging or organizing system for the diskbrowser would be very nice however, perhaps as seen in many other daws with a docked ‘file database’ or similar.

EDIT: I just realized the grouping feature i mentioned would double as an organizer, as the group would get its own instrument number playing all instruments at once if you choose to use it.


Maybe something like this: