Instrument Scroll Command

i would love to see the ability to write in a command that would allow me to focus on any instrument i have loaded. so to say, while i am playing with any midi controller in a live situation while sequences are playing a command would strike and switch the sound being played.

i would find this usefull with the use of my drum triggers as would like to have “drum kits” switch while playing live via a command entered into the pattern.

any thoughts? anybody using renoise in a live context that would find use in this?

NumPad 1-8 can select the 8 currently shown instruments in the box; also, you can use LALT + up/downarrow to browse thorugh instruments.

hope this helps.

edit: now I see you meant a pattern command… well, then some combination of “capture nearest instrument” function and writing in the pattern an instrument number with no note could help.

I was going to suggest this myself, but after a quick test it does not seem to work the way I had imagined. The auto-capture behaviour only seems to trigger when physically moving the cursor into a new track or note column. If you leave the cursor positioned in one track/column while it scrolls over several different instrument numbers, the auto-capture does not seem to change instruments in this case.

It does of course change instruments when switching to a new pattern. So, when moving the cursor to a new track or note column, or when changing patterns, then it’s ok, but during a pattern, when leaving the cursor inside a note column with multiple instrument changes, then it doesn’t seem to work.

Maybe I’m just tired and have overlooked something obvious here. Someone else can possibly confirm? It-Alien?


thanks for diggin’ into this. i am going to try working with these suggestions, as it sounds i will be able to auto switch inst. from at least pattern to pattern. this i can work with. gonna try it out now.

as well…the fact that all effect commands/automations apply while playing through renoise w/ my drums is freakin’ amazing. so much power in renoise beyond tracking. an amazing live tool for those who know.



damn…can i buy ya’ll a drink?

did a quick test and sure enough…exactly what i am after. when i need quick changes…simply make short blocks. the auto capture is what i had neglected to try. rtfm i guess.

Yes this behavior is confirmed, possible reason of this policy: users complaining that too many different instruments in one track causing irritation because autocapture switching at moments it should not switch.