Instrument Settings> "select All" Button By Sample List

This would be useful when, say you want to adjust the volume, panning, envelope etc of all the samples in a given instrument. Right now we can shift+select in the list but a select all button would be faster.

Focus the area and Ctrl+A.

alt click then hit another keyboard combo < 1 stupid little button.

Extra buttons? Disagree.

There’s something to be said about design considerations, not just throwing pussy foots at the interface. :)

Also, Right Click -> Select All.

that’ll do. thanks

Sorry to dig this back up but I wanted to bring light to my workflow so as to try and help illustrate how I feel this area could be improved… Overall the issue is that it’s slightly cumbersome to adjust global parameters for an XRNI.

So, say I would like to adjust the envelope of every sample within an xrni.

I select all samples (right click>select all),
tweak the envelope
hit a key on the computer kb or midi kb to trigger the note
my sample selection resets.

so to continue tweaking any parameter globally within an xrni you must go back and reselect all after triggering a note from either the kb or midi kb.

From a functional standpoint, this is tedious and annoying.

I do see the very clear benefit of auto selecting the sample on key trigger - but it isn’t always what I want.

I know conner’s feelings on adding any more buttons to the interface, I am not asking for clutter or a bunch of crap thrown an the interface. I want form that follows function, not the inverse.

I feel a “lock selection” or “auto select played” toggle might be beneficial by the sample list under the instrument settings tab to let users decide what happens with sample selections when they trigger a note.
Although a right click>Select all, or alt>click, ctrlr+A does the trick to select all samples, I have to say I find myself wanting to select all samples within an xrni a LOT more often than I go to add, remove a sample or open the keyzone editor (which already can be opened with the tab on the far right)…

On that note - consider removing the “open sample keyzone edtior” button - it’s completely superfluous and does nothing the “sample keyzone” tab doesn’t do already.
To go even further to reduce screen clutter, it might be worth consideration to remove the “+” and “-” buttons. There’s already a right-click>delete and insert which also can be achieved by hitting “delete” or “insert” on your computer kb.

I’m not here to argue my way over any other, just subjective suggestions to improve and speed up workflow from one person’s point of view. There will be those who refuse to find this a valid issue, and that’s just fine. I’ll live. If you desire a simple mock up let me know but this should be rather self-explanatory.

Thanks for such an awesome program.

Thanks. this is what I was just asking about in the irc channel… This isn’t where I would expect this toggle to be but that’s fine. Thanks a lot, Jenoki.


Sample Editor and Keyzone Editor. And it does make a lot of sense in those sections as they are where you will do your main editing to samples (either which note they will be played on, so if you are changing Zones you might want them to be auto selected) or applying effects/trimming samples in Sample Editor.

I can see why having it at least duplicated (possibly even moved) to the Sample Properties section could be a good idea though.

Above the Open Keyzone Editor button I think would be an ideal place to have this button duplicated on having a quick look.

not if i’m using a library of already created xrnis and all I want to do is adjust the envelope, or panning and leave keyzones and the samples unedited as they are fine how they are.

I don’t know what the overall intended hierarchy is, but I interpret the Instrument Settings tab as being the most general, top level UI location for setting instrument settings… 9 times out of 10, if I have either the sample editor or keyzone editor open I also have the instrument Settings tab selected… however just because I have the instrument settings tab open doesn’t necessarily mean I’m also editing keyzones or the samples themselves, so I’d vote to move that “auto-select played” toggle. Hell at least i know where it is now and if it stays put I think I’ll still be able to sleep at night.

I still want to re-emphasize that I would find a “select all samples” button a hellovalot more useful than the +,-, and keyzone buttons right next to the sample list. Those functions can be done more efficiently w/o needing buttons for them. I find myself wanting to select all samples in an xrni very often, especially when working with standard instrument sampler programs that have been converted from AKPs etc and I just want to bring the levels down, or tune the whole instrument, etc. I personally find the alt+click to focus, then ctrl+A (or right click, select all) to be a clunky way to go about a frequently used operation such as select all samples.

TL;DR - For me personally it’s a lot less frequent that I want to adjust parameters of one single sample within an XRNI.

Thanks for processing my obsessive compulsive suggestions, Kazakore!


Envelope is for the entire instrument (currently) anyway.)

But as I said also/moving it to the Instrument Settings area is an idea I can agree with anyway.

+/- buttons I disagree, I don’t really see there being any need for the Open Keyzone Editor one and in that area there would also be space for a Select All/None button and I don’t think including it would be going towards too much clutter.

so it is… to much controversy it seems (after reading through some recent posts in the future of xrni thread)

cheers. Thanks for taking a fresh look at this.

Now, any chance the value measurements (for panning and volume) could be conformed in the instrument settings to display hex as the pattern editor does? It’s such a minor thing yet the inconsistency is bothering. It’s like converting metric to US - sure we can do it in our heads/conversion chart etc… but why not just conform?!? It could just be a toggle in prefs, no interface button necessary.


(edited to clarify it’s panning and volume I’m referring to)