Instrument Strip Silence

Dont know if this has come up b4 but a global strip silence button in the instrument section would be very nice.

Some people like a bit of “air” at the beginning of samples, used to be a way commonly used to give some groove rather than always having to use delays when entering a note.

Also people use samples with quiet bits in the middle, especially if you think of vocal samples.

Although I can see how an automatic top and tailing could be useful at time. Find a few of my samples have the “air” at the beginning and for the way I write I find it quite annoying. Also sometimes samples are a lot longer than they need ot be for the data they contain. Maybe you/we should just look after our samples better though…

Or don’t I understand what you mean? Global implies to every sample but you say in Instrument section, which would suggest just that instrument. I assume i got the “strip silence” part right though.

It would help if the Renoise sample editor would

allow vertical zooming all the way


mark digitally silent parts by giving them a slightly different color

well not looking after my samples has nothing to do with it and whether u like air or not at the start of your samples is kinda irrelevant seeing as with a global button in the instrument editor you wouldnt have to press it?i have a lot of huge instruments with many many samples.This would be a huge advantage and a time saver.Having to go tru the whole instrument clicking apply fx is a pain (global apply fx) and then having to clear the silence is just such a tedious process.Silence is no good at high speeds and for the most part im just really anal about my samples because im an anal kinda guy :)

not that I’m against the suggestion, but even then - have you considered batch processing? as long as your samples are in .wav format I’m sure something can be arranged that doesn’t take long to set up – and from then it’s just drinking tea and watching progress bars.

(the tea being optional of course)

A Instrument Global toggle would be good, where by applying effects, adding silence to end, etc would be applied to all samples within a given instrument.

As I said wouldn’t necessarily against a remove silence option but think the form of a seperate trim start/end would be better. Also think about the fact that you almost never have true silence but generally have to give a threshold, so there is another parameter to set/adjust with this.

Tea is not optinal for the true rock’n’roll lifestyle. :yeah:

Stripping the ends could be useful as long as it wouldn’t also cut silence from the middle of samples and alter rhythms.