Instrument Transforming

Lets say I’ve used instrument 00 in several tracks. I now want to change one track to instrument 01. I therefor change the area of effect to track… but it changes every 00-note in the whole song to 01… I now try to mark the part I want to change. I select block this time. Still, it changes all the 00 notes in the whole song to 01. I choose pattern… same result!

I give up… what am I doing wrong?

Could it perhaps be that I’m trying to do something Renoise isn’t capable of handling?

In that case I will post some sugestions on the appropriate forum.

an old question (as always… <_<)

the developers’ reply was that the transforming section is not linked with the area of effect, and every change occurs in the whole song.

in the WIP page there is the pool for a better Advanced Edit, which contains these changes also.

Sorry, I always forget to select “any date” when I search this board. I found the old topic now.

Anyway, thanks.