Instruments And Sample Frequency

Hi everyone.

I want to play with my own scale that I have calculated. It’s based on an ancient tuning calculation with my own modifications.

What kind of scale is Renoise tuned to and how can I change it?
…e.g. if it is tuned to 12 TET, how can I change it to just intonation or something else?

in other words… how can I change the way that Renoise calculates the frequency of the notes.

(All I have found so far is how to change the base note.)

Another thing I am interested in is to make an instrument out of samples, where I load all the samples and assign each of them to it’s own key.

It’s very important, however, that Renoise doesn’t change the frequency! (or anything else for that matter)

So far I have been able to make multi sample instruments, but Renoise just changes the frequency of them to fit with it’s own tuning (which totally ruins the point of why I’m making the instrument.)

I hope I have been able to explain what I want to do.

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Scroll down to the second post with screenshots, might shed some light:

Thanks, I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to use Scala and the Microtuner.

Scala works fine, but for some reason the Microtuner makes only 10 notes out of my 12 tone scale.

And when I load it into renoise it sets my C to either B or E apparently depending on whether I set Scala’s Basenote to C or A… Very confusing.

And it sounds like Renoise still makes minor adjustments to the scale so the tones I end up with are a bit “off” what I set them to in Scala.

Am I doing something wrong?

I just figured out how to make my own scale using multisample instruments by assigning different samples to different keys AND more importantly to change the base note individually for each sample.

I didn’t get how that worked until just now. So I guess I answered my own silly newbie question :P

Still… What would be really great to be able to do is edit the Scale in Renoise directly. That way ALL instruments would adjust to the scale that I would define.

Does anyone know how to do that?

Thanks again, Conner, for your help. Scala is a great software.