Instruments Db When Buying?

I have recently downloaded the demo version of this application. Along with it there are a couple of songs, a tutorial and such. But no instruments (clicking “Instr.” in DiskOp).

When eventually bying this application, do any instruments come along in the “box”? Or do I really have to go down to the studio and record some? lazy :P

(looking for sounds to produce click tracks later to be imported into Cubase @ 96KHz/24Bit)

Thats right, renoise does not come with Instruments, because it basically a tool to “compose” music and does rely on you to have ways of creating sounds in one way or the other.

instruments are basically collections of samples (and you need to have samples yourself) or the utilization of VSTi plugins (VST Instruments) or the ability to send MIDI-Data.

You should have some samples yourself if you ever did music in a tracker, because they all work that way.
If you did music with cubase/logic or similar before you either have some VSTi Plugins (like kontakt, absynth, battery and so on), or you have hardwaresynths/samplers, which are MIDI-Capable.

I would like to put it this way : If you did music with a PC before, you will have some ways of creating sounds, either by having a sample-collection, by having VST-Plugins or by having MIDI-Synths/Samplers. You can utilize all three of those with renoise, you might just need some directions.

So maybe tell us how you did this before and we will be able to help you with renoise.

Ah ok. Well, were currently recording songs for my own rock band. We are using Cubase SX for recording and mastering. Basically I need a tool to create click tracks in a fast and easy way and then exporting them as 96KHz wave (Renoise is somewhat overkill for this task, but what the hell :rolleyes:). I’m sure Cubase have all the tools I need but I feel more at home due to SoundTracker, NoiseTracker, OctaMed etc etc from waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when I hardly new english :) But those days a long forgotten so I’m pretty much at zero tracker knowledge again.

I guess that if I buy this product it’s down to the studio and do some recordings, but thats fine. Regular wave works as instruments?

i believe it supports several wave-formats, so the “regular” (microsoft) wave will for sure do.

If you really need samples… you could try fetching a p2p tool like emule or edonkey and then enter the search phrase “akai” in it…
And you probably also need to use the searchphrase “cdXtract”
And you might as well need the searchphrase “nrg2iso”… there is a freeware nrg2iso converter on the web as well.

And if you don’t like akai samples… you might try the searchphrase “kurzweil” instead.

Okay nuff said.

There are lots of great free vst instruments that you can download.

Also sort them by best sound quality and then download…