Instruments & Effect Templates

In buzz tracker was cool fitures
You can save instrument and effects template.
I mean
For example right click on some track and after this system will show menu Save tamplate or load template.
If i click save system will save all thigs in this track (i dont know need to save automation?) from instrument to all effects

What do you think?

as i know, you can save your dsp chain and Instrument via diskbrowser.
this could be a workaround for the missing vst-folders…
but it only saves the settings with native effects of renoise.
for vst you have to use fxp/fxb.
by the way… i think i found a bug. brb.

i know about saving patch for vst i dont mean this

I mean save channel to template for example i have drum channel

Drum VST -> effects: -> Compressor -> Distortion -> Compressor -> etc

i want to save thi template and use it in my next track

i know what you want. but was talking about that this is only possible with instruments and effects (DSP);
not both together.

you see the DSP Chain- and Instrument- button?

try the link

but would be cool to include the vsti via automation- device in the DSP-Chain.

Nops. It saves all the settings, even for VSTs. Everything else would be totally useless, or?

ups, sorry my fault. ive tested it with the x-cita ( ) and it didnt save the settings, but i tried again. it seems that i took the only one vst that doesnt save settings. :D
dsp-chain is very usefull. drag 'n drop and that section is done.