Instruments that keep a certain (kb) octave

For my reaktor-based mlr-style tool on master track. But it might be applicable to other (VST) instruments that you appoint a MIDI device/channel.

You mean assign midi-key range sections to instruments rather than whole midi devices?
Adding to it:allowing keyswitch ranges to switch instruments

Well, no, let me explain, explicitly. Thinking about this… it might not even be the kb octave.
I built this mad live looper with mlr style triggerings, in reaktor. It’s got 8 tracks (ie 8 loopers). I intend to control them with Launchpad (S). The ‘scene launch’ buttons have the role of switching state of a loop, record->playback->reset. Since the Launchpad button have notes (not CC), I use a instrument alias for the Reaktor FX VST with the looper that is on the main track. The alias gets bound to a dummy track. The only problem: the last scene button gets no recognition. It just refuses to be ‘pressed’ in the interface/struct. It does work in Reaktor stand-alone though. Just key #120 (in Reaktor) seems to have fallen of the scale in Renoise. KB Octave is 4 then.
While I’m saying this, I’ll really have to go and actually test whether the Launchpad even gets transposed, because I don’t have it chosen as one of four master input keyboards… Maybe I can just as easily set transpose down 12 in the VST Alias’ config, and then add 12 back in Reaktor. I have to use different settings while building in the stand-alone mode anyway.
Thanks for your attentions :P

Might have something to do with Renoise start counting from 0 to 119…
It should officially translate to value+1 but perhaps somewhere the +1 is not applied…

I’ma just leave it at that.