Hello there, friends!
I just started using Renoise about 2 weeks ago. I received some training from my old roommate, who had been using it for over 3 years, but he has gone to Japan for a year now so I figured it would probably be useful to join and try to get all my newbie questions answered.

Anyways. I was wondering about samples, instruments, etc. I do not have a grand piano instrument here to use with my synth and I’m wondering how I’d acquire that. I have read some things about VSTis like Pianoteq, although I don’t really know much about it. If I downloaded that, would it show up as an instrument in a folder somewhere that I’d redirect to Renoise or is it a little more complicated than that? What other options do I have? I just want a really full sounding grand piano that sounds as real as possible, as anyone would :P/> I’m guessing that a free sample probably won’t achieve that for me.

I’ve downloaded a whole ton of drum breaks and those are fun to play with but I’d obviously like to add in some more instruments other than the ones that come with Renoise.

once you have installed Pianoteq (or any other VST instrument), you will have to select it from the plugins list. Look here for a glance at the procedure.

you seem not to be aware of the existence of this online tutorial section. it could be very helpful for such kind of very general questions

Hello, fellow canadian :D/>/>

A very good way to learn is to check how other songs are constructed. Load up one you like, and check the various stuff in the “instrument settings” tab at the bottom, and also the sample keyzones & sample editor tabs a bit to the right. For the basics, you can follow along with a tutorial like this one:

(oops, didn’t mean to embed it… click the little youtube logo at the bottom right to watch it directly on youtube at a decent res)